Tai Chi Class:

Saturday: 10:30am-12pm

Self-defense Class:

Saturday: 12pm - 2pm

About OUr Chief Instructor

Master Chen Bin

Chen Bin was born in Chenjiagou, Wen County, Henan Province. He is a twentieth generation Chen family descendant and a twelfth generation blood line inheritor of Chen’s Taichi. He is ranked 6th Duan in Chinese Wushu, state accredited First Class Martial Artist and Advanced Level Chen’s Taichi Instructor. Chen Bin began to learn taichi with his father Grand Master Chen Zhenglei at the age of five and has been training diligently under the careful guidance of his father. His taichi is authentic with high level achievements in boxing and weapons routines as well as in theories. He is the executive president and head coach of China ● Chenjiagou Chen Zhenglei Taichi Club, deputy secretary of Henan Chen’s Taichi Association, guest researcher at Center for Sports Economy and Law at Qinghua University, vice-chairman of Hong Kong Chen’s Taichi Association, president and chief instructor of Zhengliu Street Branch of China ●  Chenjiagou Chen
Zhenglei Taichi Club.   

Authentic Chen Style Taijiquan

August 1996,
Forth Wen County Annual International Taichi Tournament, first place in Junior
Taichi Boxing and Sword and second place the adult group.

May 1998,
Henan Provincial Wushu Association Championship, Men’s Chen’s Taichi Champion.

August 1998,
Fifth Wen County Annual International Taichi Tournament, first place for both
Men’s Chen’s Taichi Boxing an Sword.

April 2001,
Henan “Yuntai Mountain Cup”, three first place for Taichi Boxing, Sword, and 56
Form Routine in traditional Chen’s taichi.

October 2004, First International Traditional Wushu Festival, one gold and one silver
representing Henan Province.

From 2002
till now, he took Zhengzhou Chenjiagou Taichi Club team to compete in city, provincial and national competitions with great success. In December 2010, the team competed in “First Singapore Yunlongzi International Wushu Competition”. Among fifteen competitors, they won over thirty medals with twenty three gold medals. Wang Xiaopo also won the “Best of the Best” grand champion in tai chi category. In March 2011, the team participated in the “Ninth Hong Kong International Wushu Festival”. Among over 8,000 competitors, the team of a dozen won over forty medals including twenty-eight gold medals. They also won
team grand champion, youth and junior grand champions.  Besides carries his duties as a Chen family descendant and teach taichi, Chen Bin also works diligently on promoting, planning and organizing Taichi activities. In October 2003, he was invited to perform at the opening ceremony of the 18th Hakka Home Coming. He and his team also performed in many other high profile events such as the April 2004 Luoyang Peony Fair where a Guinness Book record was set with a 30,000 people taichi performance, the October 2008 opening ceremony of the First World Traditional Wushu Festival, the April 2007 Grand Ceremony Paying Homage to Ancestors in memory of Yan and Huang Emperors, the April to June 2008 “Taichi In Synch with Olympics” series of deliberations, the July 2008 “Olympic Torch Relay” ceremony and 2010 Shanghai Expo….In 2007 and 2008, he completed the making of the “Chen’s Taichi Selected Moves ” of Wushu Treasures which is the most complete collection of wushu systems. In June 2008, he re-edited the book Taichi for Wellness and Health adding new materials to make it more complete.

In recent years, Chen Bin has been invited to many countries and territories to give workshops. He has been to the USA, England, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. He has taught in over twenty provinces to more than 10,000 people. He is also the honorary president, technical advisor of dozens of taichi organizations both in China and abroad. He takes tai chi very seriously and has his unique entertaining way of teaching and treats people earnestly.