Tai Chi Class:

Saturday: 10:30am-12pm

Self-defense Class:

Saturday: 12pm - 2pm

The History of Chen Sytle Taijiquan

Chen Wangting

Chen Style Taijiquan originated from Chen Wangting and its open-hand and weapons techniques have been haneded down through the Chen family ever since. In addition, Chen Style Taijiquan is the origin of the other main styles of Taijiquan; the Yang Style, the Wu (jianquan) style, the Wu (Yuxiang) Style and the Sun Style. Each of Chen Style Taijiquan's boxing techniques and forms have been carefully created in accordance with the theory of the Book of Changes, the Chinese medical theories of and practices of Jingluo (the main and collateral channels through which the body's internal energy passes), Daoyin (exercises for guiding and harmonizing the energy within the body),TuNa (literally exhaling the stale air through the mouth and inhalinng fresh air through the nose) and the principals of Yin and Yang theory. Furthermore, Chen Style Taijiquan has Six Unique

Authentic Chen Style Taijiquan


1. It outwardly appears soft, yet inwardly it is strong.

2. Internal energy is spiraled through the body.

3. It combines both Daoyin and TuNa principles into a martial art.

4. It blends hard and soft techniques into one fluid style.

5. Each movement is cordinated with your breathing.

6. It embodies realistic fighting techniques and theories.

 As result, Chen Style Taijiquan is not only a superior martial art that can be used for self defense if learned correctly, but also an excellent way for people to maintain a healthy life.